Hey I'm Demi the founder of Demi Candle!

I'm a young mum of two who started making candles during lockdown 2020 with a vision of luxury hand poured home decor candles. We started making candles in our kitchen with just four designs - our originals 'The collection'. We quickly outgrew the kitchen and moved into a workshop in the garden but soon outgrew that too! The business took over our house and we are now lucky enough to have a workshop where we make, pack and send out our candles. 

The brand ethos was really important to me, I wanted to make the brand vegan and as sustainable as possible using plastic free packaging and keeping a natural tone throughout. Our cream statement colour is natural and means we create less waste, as we can melt down all of our misfit candles and reuse the wax. Our scent is non toxic and exclusive to us, we worked on this one day in testing phases when we mixed some scents and fell in love with our cocoa oud. Then after all the complicated paperwork we now have our own signature scent!

Customer care and safety is really important to us, our candles are certified fire safe, non toxic and CLP compliant.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support for our little business, its crazy how far we've come and the thought of our candles in so many homes worldwide baffles me! I'm pinching myself everyday! so grateful xxxxxxx